Please note all 6 quizzes part of General Safety must be completed prior to receiving certification.


Passing the Buck

While aviation maintenance personnel are fully aware of the consequences of failing to follow procedures (FFP) – and have likely received training on this issue – FFP continues to be one of the leading safety issues in aviation maintenance.

The purpose of the FFP: The Buck Stops with Me course is to help aviation maintenance personnel better understand and appreciate how an organization’s culture affects safety with respect to FFP. Once learners have completed the course, they will be equipped with the tools to champion a commitment to reduce FFP events in their working environments.

The major visible differences between the TEN engine and the previous generation Pack C engine are listed below:

• VFSG cooling is now done by Surface Air Oil Heat Exchangers (SAOHE) at the 5 and 7 ‘o’ clock position in the secondary air flow duct. Take care not to step on these heat exchangers.

• VIGV/VSV unison rings are now actuated by a crank shaft rather than a bell crank arrangement.

• There is an additional bleed valve solenoid bank located below the ESS valve on the lower R/H side of the fan case.

• Modulated air system has 14 (three visible externally, 11 internal) new vortex amplifiers (VxAs) located on the core within zone 2 & 3 used for more efficient turbine cooling.

• Revised turbine case cooling HP and IP actuators.

• Ignition exciters have moved aft, now located below the EEC.

• Revised core anti-ice system with new distribution tube and manifold.