Please note all 6 quizzes part of General Safety must be completed prior to receiving certification.

The major visible differences between the TEN engine and the previous generation Pack C engine are listed below:

• VFSG cooling is now done by Surface Air Oil Heat Exchangers (SAOHE) at the 5 and 7 ‘o’ clock position in the secondary air flow duct. Take care not to step on these heat exchangers.

• VIGV/VSV unison rings are now actuated by a crank shaft rather than a bell crank arrangement.

• There is an additional bleed valve solenoid bank located below the ESS valve on the lower R/H side of the fan case.

• Modulated air system has 14 (three visible externally, 11 internal) new vortex amplifiers (VxAs) located on the core within zone 2 & 3 used for more efficient turbine cooling.

• Revised turbine case cooling HP and IP actuators.

• Ignition exciters have moved aft, now located below the EEC.

• Revised core anti-ice system with new distribution tube and manifold.